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My name is Christopher S. and I am an all-around Virtual Assistant with over 10 years of diverse experience in Communications. Sales, Customer Service, Digital Design and Online Marketing. I am an ambitious and energetic person who has developed a mature and responsible approach to that task I undertake or situation I’m presented with. I am an extremely organized and dedicated individual with the ability to meet deadlines and exceed client expectations. I always consider myself a student with insatiable thirst for knowledge in any field that I work on and makes sure to seize every moment especially when challenges come my way.

I specialize in Social Media Management, Data Entry, Blog and Email management and can also do Customer Service Support through these campaigns as well. My only goal as your VA is to deliver 100% quality and client satisfaction. I believe that I am a great value to your company and as your VA, I would do everything to make your life easy as it can be.

I worked with clients virtually for realtors and businessmen.

Tools I have used for Realtors are: (Admin Tasks)



-Mail Chimp


-G Suite


Tools used for other businesses:










If ever there are tools that my clients use that I am not familiar with, I do research and watch tutorial videos until I get to master them. Please let me know in case you do have questions. I hope you give me this opportunity to work with you and show what I can do to make your business a more successful one.


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  • Billy H. 1 year ago

    Chris is a really good guy. Have spoken with him. He’s worked with an insurance company before, and has done direct outreach to clients. He has three kids I believe, a 5 month old, a 2 year old and a 7 year old as of this writing in early 2019. He does have a side hustle with his wife, it’s a wholesale and retail cooking oil business. Just FYI, not an issue but definitely something one should know. Really good candidate overall.


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