Real Estate Virtual Assistant from the Philippines Carmela D.

Published on November 16, 2018 by

Carmela has worked with several brokers and real estate agents in the United States. She’s worked for more than 5 years with her most recent real estate broker employer. She’s always interested in learning more about the industry as this is her chosen niche. She has experience with the graveyard shift. In fact, she prefers to work at night as that’s when she’s most functional and productive. She has experience uploading listings to the MLS. She knows how strict MLS systems can be. She also has experience with DocuSign and has used free GIMP software before to edit photos. She’s used Canva for social media postings and also comes with experience creating and editing WordPress and Wix websites. Carmela enjoys working from home. She likes to figure things out herself and enjoys learning on her own. Hire Carmela today!

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