Property Management Virtual Assistant from Philippines Miera B.

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Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is Miera J. B., a Filipina residing in the Philippines. I am a Degree holder of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing at Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan Philippines. I have achieved my Diploma last March 2011 and started working, having a total of 4 years of work experiences as a customer service, call center professional and administrative assistant experiences.

My last employment was in January 2017 and chose to be a housewife to attend my child needs. And now that my son has grown up, I am confident that I can now manage to be a working mother. I am eager to work again, to be productive, efficient and effective in this fast pace industry. I don’t want to be a freelancer; I am searching for a job, a long-term work which will be my extended family, to share my knowledge and skills and express my interest in a position as a talented, hardworking person and become a valuable member of a team. I am willing to commit to the company and help it grow. I strongly believed that your success is my success too.

I can offer your company:
-Administrative Assistant Experience
-Customer Service
-Ability to navigate the computer with agility
-Ability to solve problems quickly
-Learning new skills rapidly
-Attention to detail
-Ability to communicate in English both verbally and in writing
-Strong professional customer service and telephone skills
-Ability to multi-task as many duties
-Flexible, determined, reliable and hard worker
-Work 40hrs/week + overtime

And in addition to my work experiences, I can think and write while I am talking and I know how to make decisions. I am able to communicate effectively with my client both verbally and through writing. I have the ability to access my client’s file quickly so I do not waste my client’s time. I process information very quickly and act on that information just as quickly. In addition, I work with numerous clients at one time and keep my work organized and separate. I am a fast learner; I am open to new learning, I can be taught and willing to learn. And I am no stranger to working. I am a flexible, determined, reliable, and hard worker. I would love to continue my career with you, and I am confident that I would be a beneficial addition and an asset to your company. I am a good candidate for a job because I have enough knowledge and skills which I know will be my advantages towards others. And most of all I have a pleasant disposition, solid values and a good mental attitude towards changes and challenges. I am motivated, committed to lifelong learning and growth and would appreciate the opportunity to prove it.

My ISP is Parasat Fiber and here is the link to my internet speed, it provides me a minimum of 10mbps. Here is also the link to my computer system, I am using Windows 10, and have my private office room at home. I also have a quality headset with microphone and noise cancellation. And in case of an emergency like internet connectivity issues, I have a 2 other ISP’s back up a GlobeBroadband Pocket Wifi and SmartBro Pocket Wifi. There’s no power interruption at my home, I live in a very quiet, peaceful and no distraction environment. I look forward to speaking with you and sharing my insights on how I can help you with your upcoming challenges. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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