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Hi! My name is Gerald Angelo Burchards and I am interested in the job posted online. My previous Virtual Assistant experience involved working as a staff to a US based real estate agency, an assistant to a lawyer who dealt with surrogates in the US, and as an assistant to a US based programmer to name a view. Prior to working as a Virtual Assistant, I previously worked with as a Real Time Analyst with Accenture and my primary task is creating reports for the service levels (SLA’s) and real-time data submitted to our clients as well as managing the head count for the workforce. Aside from working as a Real Time Analyst, prior to this role, my background includes my role as a Customer Service representative for BPO companies namely: Aegis People Support, Convergys, Wipro, as a Publishing / Sales consultant for Xlibris, Service Director and Reservations Specialist for United Airlines with TeleTech, and as a local Disc Jock (Sales & Marketing) for 3 local radio stations. I graduated from the University of San Carlos with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.

I can send over an updated resume which illustrates my work experiences, that helped me mold my leadership skills and commendable work ethics to date. For further evaluation, I may be reached through Skype or a reply through this message would be greatly appreciated. I am available to start on short notice and I look forward to discussing my application further with you. Thank you very much for your time.


Full Video Interview Transcript:

Hi Chris thanks for replying to my email once again my name is Gerald A. B. I go by the nickname of Brad was actually interested in the job posting that you had believed that would be for a virtual legal assistant just a brief background about myself I’m 37 years old a graduate of a Business Administration course here in the Philippines back in 2005 after graduation I started working for the local BPO industry so I pretty much just to sum it up worked as the online publishing consultant for sales consultant I’ve worked with Microsoft as a customer service representative I’ve also worked with United Airlines as a reservation specialist and then a bump up to tier 2 as a service director I’ve worked with a pharmaceutical company that’s Novartis Pharmaceuticals in the US as a products complaint specialist and a little bit of CSR as well and on the side I did also work with BT or British Telecoms for I think that was three months and a month with eBay and PayPal by 2010 I’ve decided to quit working with a local BPO industry just to you know just to have a clean start or just to rest for probably a few months so I got working as a local DJ at a local radio station FM station so went by the name of Brad worked there for like three years and while I was actually working there unfortunately it doesn’t really made a dent in paying the bills so I explored the new job opportunities of working as a virtual assistant so pretty much I started my first job that was way back in January of 2011 this was a lovely couple based in Sydney Australia so in a sense they were a small home and office security company so what they provided was online security monitoring installation of home and office security devices so I was renting out security officers to for example condominiums and offices I worked with them for I believe that was two to two and a half years they also invited me over to Sydney so I was there for like a month back in September of 2011 after which the business didn’t really pick up for a couple of months so they decided to just put it on hold unfortunately we had to part ways they both pursued their college degrees and from then I pretty much worked with an online marketing specialist a guy from the UK I pretty much was selling supplements so that was using Instagram pretty much I’ve also worked as an assistant to a coder or a programmer in the US so aside from handling his Twitter I also helped him with his YouTube account as well as with WordPress and I’ve also worked with a online distance learning provider that was in Australia and an online store also based in Australia these were contractual so from six to eight months and then they wanted to review again it’s their first time outsourcing the job so they wanted to test it first so in most cases it didn’t really fare well it would be logistics that would be the main concern it’s not really about the delivery of the services on my part it’s more or less the logistics of having to source it out here when their services or basically their business is based outside of the Philippines I’ve also worked with a lawyer he was actually dealing with surrogates sperm donors and donors and whatnot they he was actually based in LA so pretty much day to day you know were involved me talking with fertility clinics processing their paperwork as well as with clients so they can either be the surrogates themselves or those that are actually the donors so donors would be either a sperm donor or the egg donor and probably also the surrogate the one that would have to be carrying the baby for like nine months most clients that we have were actually Chinese or based outside of the States worked with him for a good year but unfortunately since I didn’t really have a legal background and it was just a small firm I was only able to help in terms of customer service and with admin tasks so he kind of needed somebody that had a background in law so he hired well he hired somebody I had to train that person who had a law background she was also based in the Philippines and after three months that was the decision was made that you know he could only go with one person and unfortunately I wasn’t the person he had to go with because again the only thing lacking with me was a law degree or basically a knowledge about law after that I worked with a real estate company based in Texas it was an offline work so pretty much we were posting real estate I was actually tasked with Las Vegas Nevada and Phoenix Arizona and it was again on a contractual basis they were just testing out the waters of outsourcing to the Philippines so I think I was after six or eight months they’ve kind of you know decided to just put a hold on me for the meantime I’ve also worked with a psycho therapist or I believe it’s a psycho analyst that’s based in Canada and a travel and tourist guide also from Canada contractual basis again they won’t just wanted to test the waters and see if it actually worked so I think that was 3 to 6 months for each and right now I’m pretty much looking for a job on the side though I do events hosting and voice overs for corporate events weddings and debuts but again since I’m actually just in a small island in the Philippines at Cebu there’s pretty much too many people that actually do the job that you know I also do or as a host so that’s why I’m looking for a stable job and came upon your ad that you’ve posted and believed based on the experience that I’ve had I probably be a perfect fit so hopefully this video would suffice in giving you some information about myself and if you have any questions just feel free to call me up or let’s set a meeting thanks bye

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  • Edward 2 years ago

    currently looking for a virtual assistant

  • Dan R. 2 years ago

    This guys has amazing English. So good that he does voiceovers as a side hustle in the Philippines, especially when companies are looking for premium accents. He has experience with Microsoft Office, Google Suite, freshbooks, freshdesks, has done some admin tax work. Good candidate all around. Was great to speak with him.


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