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Hi There! My name is Maria Ressa I. I am 24 years old and I am from the Philippines applying as your virtual assistant. I am applying for this job because I believe that I have the necessary skills that are needed in said position. My work experience before I used to work in a contact center industry which is a BPO. I was a human resource employee relationships officer there, and I used to work also in the night shift. My schedule back then was 10pm to 7am in the morning and yeah so when you’ve said that you needed someone who was able to work at night I’m willing to work at night. That used to be my schedule as well when I was working in the company.

And when you said that you needed someone who is detailed and pays attention to a lot of the details, I used to work as an HR there and one of my duties is to prepare legal documents. So we really needed to be paying attention to the details because these documents are needed to be used sometimes in a legal proceeding at court, so if there are mistakes those mistakes would automatically return to me or to someone or talk to my peers also.

So yeah so when you said you needed someone who is detail-oriented I believe I can do the work because it is what I was trained to do before also, and in terms of home life I don’t have kids I’m single so I can work peacefully. I have an office here at home like my own room. I’ve turned it into an office of sorts so I can answer phone calls in a peaceful quiet environment and yeah I’m hoping to hear from you soon. I’ll send you my resume also attached to this video so you can check out my work experience and skills. Thank you!

Human Resources Virtual Assistant (VA) Cover Letter:

I am familiar with Google Docs, Microsoft applications, WordPress I dabbled with it before but not really a pro, however I can always learn. 🙂 There are great free resources on WordPress online. I worked with TeamViewer as well, so you may show me how are things done once before I start working.

I was a guidance counselor on my first job and offered counseling services, home visitations, community relations, and marketing/advertising for the school. Second work experience was Human Employee Relations Officer. I handled employees, trained them and provided counseling regarding behavioral and work related issues. I handled legal documents to be used in court proceedings in case the employee sues the company, administrative duties, and implementing policies.

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