What is recruitment process outsourcing and how does it work? Should I recruit directly through job sites? What types of BPO firms to avoid and more.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Explained

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Recruitment process outsourcing involves hiring staff typically from a low cost developing country like the Philippines or India through a recruitment firm with specialized, local knowledge.

Recruitment process outsourcing, otherwise known as RPO, involves handing off the entire recruitment process to an outside recruitment firm. The recruitment firm will typically handle everything from sourcing candidates, onboarding, agreements, compliance, time-tracking, payroll to continuing education.

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The recruitment process can be extremely time consuming, especially when one is attempting to outsource for the first time to an unfamiliar country. Companies looking to dip their toes into outsourcing will have to spend a lot of time learning about and doing research on countries they wish to hire from, including studying local labor laws and regulations.

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No. Most local job sites will have paywalls set up, meaning that you’ll have to pay upfront or recurring fees just to be able to view resumes, contact candidates or post a job listing. It takes additional research to vet whether the job website is legitimate and gets enough traffic to warrant paying for.

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Additionally, many job sites for example in the Philippines will require proof of in-country business registration in order to activate your account. We’ve seen too many frustrated customers who have labored through intensive registration processes on local job sites, only to find that they won’t be allowed to post a job unless they upload proof of local business registration.

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This literally means some of the most popular job sites in the Philippines will require you to set up a business entity in-country before being allowed to post a job on their website!


Save 70% When You Outsource With Jobstob

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We recommend letting an experienced business process outsourcing (BPO) firm like Jobstob do the hard work of sourcing and screening candidates for you. BPO firms like Jobstob will present you with a handful of carefully screened and tested candidates from typically hundreds of applications and in-house candidates.

It’ll be important for you to do a video interview with the candidates that have been carefully selected for you to make sure that you get along with them, and so you can make the final decision. If you don’t like any of the candidates presented, Jobstob will continuously present additional batches of the best candidates available to you until you find that perfect hire.

We know that many virtual assistant firms will assign you a person without giving you the ability to choose, and we think that the time saved isn’t worth the risk of taking on a full-time staffer that you might not actually like.


Hire a Virtual Assistant for $6 Per Hour

Save 70% when you outsource with Jobstob. Highly qualified virtual assistants, designers, video editors and more for a fraction of the price of a domestic hire.

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Some BPO firms like Jobstob will give employers the flexibility of being as involved in the recruitment process as they’d like.

If you’re too busy even to do a final interview with two or three candidates that we have pre-screened, tested and vetted for you, then we can simply assign you the best candidate for the job. In these situations, candidates will often be ones who are currently working for us in-house or have recently worked for us or a partner company. As a result, candidates will already have undergone extensive training with one of our companies, and will generally be very prepared for whatever tasks you might have.

However, we recommend at least taking thirty minutes to an hour of your time to meet 2-4 of the most qualified candidates that have been chosen for you. A professional BPO firm will schedule the final interviews back to back for you and usually conduct it over Skype, and occasionally Google Hangouts. Don’t have a Skype account? No problem, a professional BPO firm like Jobstob will provide you with a login to use.

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One of the key benefits of recruitment process outsourcing is not having to deal with employment agreements and all the associated headaches of being a local employer. That’s because when you outsource through a BPO firm like Jobstob, it will be the BPO firm which has a direct, contractual relationship with the virtual assistant. As a result, all you’ll have is a vendor relationship with the BPO firm, which means no messy employment agreements with workers and a simple monthly invoice for services provided.

This means instead of having to deal with employment contracts and all the complexity involved with hiring locally, all you’ll have is a monthly business expense that you can set and forget.


Save 70% When You Outsource With Jobstob

Full-time, fluent, English speaking virtual assistants, designers, video editors and salespeople for $6 a hour.

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The value of recruitment process outsourcing comes from saving valuable time for the stakeholders and employees of your company from having to try to find a needle in a haystack, which is what the overseas outsourcing process often can be like.

Simply put, there are way too many unqualified candidates for each position opening, and trying to start from scratch can take an immense amount of time. Furthermore, you can expect untold amounts of frustration from just pulling the trigger and hiring someone who turns out to be unqualified, unmotivated, or simply someone without attention to detail.

Time is money as the old adage goes, and it’s better for the vast majority of businesses to spend their valuable time focused on what they know best, instead of trying to figure out how outsourcing to another country works from scratch.

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Pro Tip: Jobstob adds additional value by not just managing the entire recruitment process, but also being there as your full-service human resources partner for the duration of your outsourcing journey. We’ll take care of everything from set-up, training, time-tracking, payroll, compliance, agreements and replacements to continuing education. We believe our clients deserve a holistic approach to business process outsourcing, so you can count on us to stick with you to ensure that your outsourcing experience is a success. After all, the success of our customers equals our own success.

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You should be wary of BPO firms that take a mark-up without adding any value or providing any services. We’ve seen too many cases of BPO firms’ services consisting entirely of a poorly written job listing, followed by interviews that are set up with candidates that have essentially not been vetted. Then the BPO firm forces the employer to sign an onerous contract which locks them in. And after the contract is signed, the BPO firm is out of the picture and it’s on the employer to do everything else from setting up the virtual assistant to making sure that they’re working the required number of hours.

We strongly disapprove of this type of service, as it really isn’t much of a service. Employers shouldn’t have to pay commission for something that barely counts as a service. We’ve heard too many stories from clients who have had bad experiences with other firms, where the virtual assistants assigned to them didn’t care at all about the quality of the work or how things looked, and the staffing firms only cared about their commission.

We believe that isn’t a sustainable business model in the long term. If clients feel that they are getting ripped off and that the quality of the virtual staff isn’t good, then that won’t lead to referrals and positive reviews. In other words, the only way for a BPO business that operates that way to grow is through sourcing new clients via marketing. That unfortunately isn’t sustainable in the long run, and eventually people will talk and the negative reviews will even hamper the signups of new customers.


Hire a Virtual Assistant for $6 Per Hour

Save 70% when you outsource with Jobstob. Highly qualified virtual assistants, designers, video editors and more for a fraction of the price of a domestic hire.


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