The Complete Guide to Hiring an Invoicing Assistant

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What Is an Invoicing Assistant?

An invoicing assistant is someone who helps send out invoices to customers, resolves billing errors, updates accounting systems and generally supports the accounting department.

Many of the day to day tasks of an invoicing assistant can be automated with invoicing software or other automations if you’re running an e-commerce business.

What can and can't a virtual invoicing assistant do? Can an invoicing assistant handle price quotes, billing errors, invoicing and customer returns?

However, many businesses that have brick and mortar operations or more complex products that can’t just be purchased online will still require manual invoicing.

Pro Tip: An invoicing assistant is also known as an invoicing clerk or accounting assistant. Many savvy small business owners will simply have their customer service virtual assistant also help with invoicing as one of their tasks.

What Tasks Can an Invoicing Assistant Do?

Create and Process Invoices – An invoicing assistant can calculate commissions and other figures for invoices, double check customer and product information, and make sure invoices are sent to the correct addresses. He or she can assist the accounts payable and accounts receivable teams within the accounting department.

What is an invoicing assistant and what can they do? What tasks should you assign an invoicing clerk? Should you outsource and get a virtual assistant instead?

Handle Billing Errors – An invoicing assistant can deal with customer complaints and inquiries about potential billing errors. He or she can investigate whether a billing error actually occurred, and process a refund if appropriate. If no error is present, an invoicing assistant can politely explain to the customer why the bill is correct.

Process Returns – An invoicing assistant can handle refunds, returns and warranty issues. An invoicing assistant can deal with angry customers and promptly issue refunds if allowed under company policy. If a customer is being unreasonable and a refund is unwarranted, an invoicing assistant can be trained to escalate the situation to a manager.

Update Accounting Systems – An invoicing assistant can automatically access and update your company’s accounting software or other financial systems as he or she processes invoices and refunds. An invoicing clerk can update customer accounts and add new customer accounts. He or she can also be responsible for maintaining up to date records of customer contact information, sent invoices and payments that have been collected.

Follow Up on Delinquencies – An invoicing assistant can send follow up emails and letters to past due accounts, otherwise known as customers who are late on paying or who refuse to pay. Keep in mind that you would still need to hire a professional collection agency if you decide to go after seriously delinquent accounts.

Provide Price Quotes – An invoicing assistant can help you give custom price quotes to customers on your behalf. This is most relevant if you operate in a more opaque industry where pricing is given per project or on a case by case basis. You can give your invoicing clerk some general guidelines on how much of a markup you prefer. For example, you might tell your assistant that you want them to markup items by 25%, with the exception of items where your profit is less than $100 in which case you want them to add an additional $100 to the price.

Preparing Air Waybills – If you engage in international commerce, then you’ll have a lot of air waybills to prepare in addition to invoices. An invoicing clerk can handle air waybills along with the invoices and any customs forms that need to be prepared for your business.

Administrative Support – An invoicing assistant can support bookkeepers, accounting managers and even the CFO of a company. He or she can perform a variety of miscellaneous tasks such as checking inventory, conducting audits, filing records and creating new invoice templates. You should think of an invoicing clerk as a generalist virtual executive assistant who can handle anything that you can think of.

What Is a Virtual Invoicing Assistant?

A virtual invoicing assistant is a human assistant who can help you with anything related to invoicing that can be done by computer or telephone. A virtual invoicing assistant by definition is based remotely, meaning he or she will not be physically located in your office.

Since most accounting and invoicing systems are based in the cloud these days, it’s possible to complete almost any task remotely by using shared, cloud based software.

Pro Tip: What is a virtual assistant? Read our explainer article to get a broad overview of just want a virtual assistant is and what they can do for your business. Trust us, your life will never be the same.

How Much Does an Invoicing Assistant Cost?

A domestically based invoicing clerk can cost anywhere from $25 to $35 a hour starting out, with higher rates possible for those with more experience. You may be able to save on employee benefits by hiring part-time or hiring a domestically based virtual invoicing clerk, however the savings won’t be too significant.

However, there are significant cost advantages to hiring an overseas based virtual invoicing assistant vs a domestic invoicing clerk. This is especially self-evident if you decide to outsource the position to a lower cost location like the Philippines or India where staffing costs are approximately 70% lower than Western salaries.

If you do decide to outsource the position, we highly recommend working with an experienced business process outsourcing company like Jobstob to help you navigate the complex task of building an offshore team.

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Hire a The Complete Guide to Hiring an Invoicing Assistant

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