Scale Your Dream

We believe every business should have access to world class staff without having to pay a fortune. At Jobstob, we’re on a mission to connect anyone and everyone who needs help with competent, fluent virtual assistants who want to help. Whether you’re hiring a virtual assistant for your business or for yourself, we promise you life will never be the same again.

The service outsourcing revolution is here.

We’ve re-imagined and simplified business process outsourcing from soup to nuts. Start by browsing our extensive selection of video resumes, and contact us once you’ve found a candidate you like. Or, we’d be happy to do a custom search for you. We’ll source, screen, interview and test candidates to make the best use of your time. Once hired, we’ll take care of everything from a free trial period to payroll, time tracking, compliance and HR so you can focus on growing your business.


Choose pre-screened candidates from our site, or let us do a custom search for you free of charge. We save you time by only presenting candidates to you who have passed our proprietary tests.

Free Trial

Just because we’ve pre-qualified candidates for you doesn’t mean you’ll like them. That’s why we offer free trials of at least one day on all of our candidates.

Time Tracking

Only pay for hours worked. Our time tracking software keeps tabs on activity levels and takes real time screenshots so you can rest assured that your staff are there for you.

HR & Payroll

Let us take care of everything from payroll, human resources, contracts and compliance so you can focus on growing your business. Automatically receive a credit for un-worked hours.

Human Resources

Leave the boring stuff to us, from continuing education to payroll management. All hires will have employment or independent contractor relationships with us, which means all you’ll have to worry about is one simple monthly expense that covers it all.

Employer Training

Don’t know where to start? Don’t fret, we have a dedicated series of video tutorials which will teach you the basics of how to manage and collaborate with your virtual staff. Learn everything from how to easily record your screen to how to work together on the cloud.

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