How an Email Virtual Assistant Can Help

Let’s be honest with each other: managing your email inbox is one of the most time consuming and least profitable tasks you have as a business owner. Whether you run a large company, a small-business or a start-up, you spend way too much time parked in front of your inbox.

While the dream of ‘Inbox Zero’ sounds good, your addiction to answering emails and organizing your inbox kills your creativity and takes time and energy away from more important projects. Instead of working on that game-changing business expansion idea or figuring out how to increase revenue, you find yourself feeling emotionally satisfied simply after deleting a few emails.

Fortunately, it’s very easy and inexpensive to outsource your email management by hiring a virtual assistant (VA). A virtual email assistant can handle everything including sales, customer service, answering emails, prioritizing emails, organizing your inbox, managing your to-do list, deleting spam and scheduling appointments on your behalf.

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What Is an Email Virtual Assistant?

An email virtual assistant is a remote based assistant who takes care of managing your email inbox so you don’t have to. Hiring an email VA will allow you to free yourself completely from the time-drain obsession of checking emails all day instead of focusing on the things which actually matter: your projects, your ideas, your clients and your team.

Email virtual assistants are specialized workers with experience managing an inbox and performing administrative tasks for other businesses.

Let’s be honest with each other: managing your email inbox is one of the most time consuming and least profitable tasks you have as a business owner. Whether you run a large company, a small-business or a start-up, you spend way too much time parked in front of your inbox.

While the primary purpose of hiring an email virtual assistant is to outsource inbox management, most email virtual assistances are also qualified to help with other administrative tasks.

These tasks include: sales, data entry, bookkeeping, CRM management, cold calling, coordinating appointments, answering phones, social media and preparing documents. A qualified and experienced email virtual assistant can learn just about any task which would be helpful for your business to outsource at a low cost.

Pro Tip: The beautiful thing about an email virtual assistant is that he or she can help with a variety of other tasks as well, for no additional cost. For example, you can have your email assistant watch our tutorial videos on how to add a custom end screen to your YouTube video, or how to merge video clips on YouTube and then have your VA do these tasks for you going forward.

Typical Email Virtual Assistant Responsibilities

An experienced email virtual assistant can transform the way you do business by freeing you completely from the time-wasting obsession of checking your email hundreds of times each day. In fact, an email virtual assistant can help you outsource any repetitive tasks which you find yourself doing on a daily basis. These tasks include:

Let’s be honest with each other: managing your email inbox is one of the most time consuming and least profitable tasks you have as a business owner. Whether you run a large company, a small-business or a start-up, you spend way too much time parked in front of your inbox.

Answering Emails – Your email virtual assistant can save you time by automatically responding to low-priority emails so you can focus your time and energy on answering the most important emails from the most important people. An email virtual assistant can automatically handle appointment requests, answer basic questions, handle billing inquiries and help you update customer data and account records.

Sales – Do you receive questions about your products and services via email? If so, an email virtual assistant can help you organize and answer all email inquiries from prospective customers. Most VAs are capable of answering questions from prospective customers by leveraging your FAQ pages and email templates. A more skilled email virtual assistant can draft freeform email responses and help nurture and grow leads for your business.

Prioritizing and Organizing Emails – An email virtual assistant can help you flag and categorize important emails so you can stay focused on the most important objectives for your business. Your email VA can also help you organize emails based on your desired strategy and objectives.

Deleting Emails – Just think for a moment: how much time do you spend each day deleting spam emails and submitting unsubscribe requests? An email VA can save you time by going through your inbox and tacking spam and wasteful emails before you even open your inbox. An email VA can also free you from the wasteful routine of cleaning your inbox multiple times a day.

Customer Service  – Your email virtual assistant can help you tackle basic customer service by serving as the front line between you and your customers. Whether you and your customers need help with billing, account updates or data entry, a seasoned email virtual assistant can help you complete automate this time consuming element of your business.

Appointment Scheduling – How often do you find yourself coordinating your own appointments and updating your own calendar? An email virtual assistant can help you completely offload this task so you can focus on prospecting more new clients and preparing for your meetings instead of coordinating appointments and sending out calendar invitations.

Pro Tip: The best part about having an email virtual assistant is waking up knowing that someone else will be checking emails for you. It gets even better when you’re finally on vacation, when you can truly relax knowing that emails are being taken care of. After all, what’s the point of vacation or life in general if you can never get away from your inbox?

Email Management Executive Assistant

An email management executive assistant handles your email inbox on a full time basis, and can be extremely effective in reducing the amount of time that you spend checking and replying to emails.

An email assistant is a human assistant you can train to manage your inbox and answer your emails as you would. You can set up templates for your virtual assistant to refer to, with the eventual goal of your email assistant being able to reply with customized responses of their own.

A seasoned virtual assistant is very good at learning new tasks and understanding the way you approach your inbox. Once you’ve trained your VA, they can completely and permanently remove you from the responsibilities of day-to-day email management.

Pro Tip: Organize your inbox by conversation threads and make sure you can see sent emails as well. Then train your email assistant to clean up your conversations by deleting every email except the latest message in the thread. Your VA will need to learn to scan the latest email’s history, so as to not delete original content. If your email assistant can handle this task, then you will have the luxury of waking up every morning to a completely optimized inbox, and you will save a lot of storage space to boot!

Email AI Assistant vs. Human Email Assistant

A human email assistant is superior to an email AI assistant in almost every regard as of this writing, including cost, natural language comprehension and capability.

As of 2019, the AI or artificial intelligence that you read about is nothing close to true Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). In fact, the email AI software that you’ll see promoted is weak or narrow AI at best, essentially an artificial intelligence that is focused on one narrow task.

The email AI assistants you see being marketed today are mostly focused on scheduling meetings, sorting email based on importance, creating task lists based on an email’s contents and filtering your inbox.

Even the most complex of these email AI assistants require a substantial amount of human management, including the creation of rules for the programs to follow. Furthermore, pricing is almost never discussed by any of these software companies, and the few that do provide pricing will easily quote you several hundred dollars per user per month.

Sure, some of these email AI systems will become smarter as you use it and provide feedback and data, but remember that you would be tied to the software developer through a monthly pricing plan. They could raise prices and you’d be stuck, because if you decide to pull the plug all of the training of the AI you’ve done will be a sunk cost. So be very careful about handing over your data and signing up for a monthly subscription to something like this!

Pro Tip: It’s much safer to hire a human email assistant, and also much more cost effective if you outsource the role through Jobstob. A human email assistant will also be able to do more than just handling your inbox vs a narrowly focused email AI which can easily cost more. Furthermore, as long as you have documented your processes and rules around how to handle your inbox, it’s very easy to retrain a new email assistant should your old one leave.

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