What Can a Customer Service Virtual Assistant Do?

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Manage Support Ticket Software

A customer service virtual assistant can manage all of your company’s customer service requests through help desk ticketing software such as Zoho Desk, ZenDesk or FreshDesk. Instead of receiving and managing customer requests through email, text and phone calls in a haphazard manner, you can funnel all customer support requests through one source and have it be centrally managed by your virtual customer service rep.

A customer service virtual assistant can manage all of your company’s customer service requests through help desk ticketing software such as Zoho Desk, ZenDesk or FreshDesk.

An additional benefit of this is you won’t have to personally see customer support emails come in throughout the day, because you know it’s going straight to your customer service software which is being handled by your virtual assistant (VA). Talk about less stress!

Pro Tip: An interesting benefit of having customer support software is that you won’t need to create a separate email account for your virtual customer service rep. He or she will be able to directly communicate with customers via the software. This can be helpful in saving money as extra corporate email accounts can cost money, while e-ticketing software often allows at least 1 user free.

Receive Inbound Calls

A customer service virtual assistant can take all of your company’s in-bound calls around the clock. Your virtual customer service rep can simply take messages and act as a virtual front desk, or you can train them to be a true customer service representative and be able to handle most customer requests and complaints.

A customer service virtual assistant can manage all of your company’s customer service requests through help desk ticketing software such as Zoho Desk, ZenDesk or FreshDesk.

If you do want your customer service VA to be able to handle customer issues ideally without needing to escalate the issue, then you’ll need to hire someone who speaks fluent English if they’re based overseas in a country like the Philippines or India.

You’ll need to look for a few key traits that all great customer service representatives have:

– Ability to speak clearly and communicate with empathy

– Ability to multi-task while on the phone such as typing notes while speaking

– Ability to stay calm and remain neutral when customers are angry

– Ability to put yourself in the customer’s shoes and truly understand their situation

– Ability to build strong relationships quickly

– Ability to resolve situations before a call is finished without needing to escalate

Pro Tip: You can hire an virtual executive assistant who can handle of these these tasks for you in combination. An executive virtual assistant is a generalist who can pick up and learn new tasks such as handling customer support tickets and answering your phone. This is the best method for small businesses looking to scale.

Handle Email Inquiries

A virtual customer service agent can manage your email inbox and handle all customer service inquiries. He or she can manage a dedicated inbox for customer support or even your main email inbox if you don’t wish to have a separate email account just for customer service. Keep in mind that this may make having e-ticketing support software duplicative, which means this may be all you need if you have a business on the smaller side.

If you truly want to free yourself from the black hole of your email inbox however, you’ll need to have some trust and have your virtual customer service agent also be your email virtual assistant.

Pro Tip: True, you could simply create a new email address specifically for all future customer service inquiries, but wouldn’t that mean you would need to then monitor two email inboxes? That creates additional work for you which is the opposite intention of outsourcing!

Handling Customer Messages and Texts

A virtual customer service representative can manage all of your company’s responses and interactions with your customers across a variety of messaging platforms, including text messaging.

For example, perhaps your main office number is linked to Google Voice or software like Line2. If so, customers will most likely text your number, even you do not explicitly state on your website that your company’s main line accepts text messages.

Your virtual customer service rep can respond to all of these text messages on your behalf, initially with template responses you’ve trained them to use, and eventually with custom responses once they have learned what to do in most situations. Your customer service VA can also alert you or your lieutenants if a customer is seriously angry and an issue needs to be escalated.

Pro Tip: For some odd reason, it’s always easier to deal with angry customers as the principal if you have a customer service representative in the middle. It can be all too tempting as the principal of a business to become personally offended by a rude customer. It’s much easier to maintain a cool head and remain professional if the customer’s angry tirade is directed at a customer service rep on your team instead.

Web Chat Support

A customer service virtual assistant can handle any inquiries that come through your website’s live chat messaging system. Your VA can answer with a variety of template responses initially with the goal of eventually being able to craft custom responses of their own.

The most important value that a virtual customer service rep adds is the ability to respond instantly to customer inquiries because they are logged into the web chat system throughout the day. This is incredibly helpful to a small business owner who would otherwise need to be logged in and sitting at his computer all day just to be able to catch the occasional web chat request.

Pro Tip: Make sure your website absolutely needs a live chat support system before installing one. That’s because live chat plugins and software can significantly slow down your website. You need to ask yourself whether the benefits of the feature will outweigh the costs in terms of slower page load times.

Social Media Engagement

Your virtual customer service assistant can help engage with your customers and audience on various social media platforms. He or she can like, follow and friend other users and post regular updates on your own social media channels.

Your customer service virtual assistant can easily also take on the role of a social media virtual assistant and save you hours of time every week posting updates on all the various platforms plus responding to and engaging with your followers.

Pro Tip: If you’re a fairly new company and need to grow your follower base, your social media VA can help you do this through white hat methods which require time and effort. Research has shown that the best way to grow a real fan base on social media is to engage with them. That means liking other users’ posts and sharing their posts, as well as following them. This will cause them to notice you and follow you back.

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